March 28, 2017


The Lion King.

As a grown 90s kid, you’re on a mission to make Walt Disney’s classic a reality and are off on safari.

For the most genuine experience, we hope you’re heading to the Serengeti in Tanzania!


What to pack? As a veteran safari guide and 3-time safari-ist, we’ve narrowed the essentials to 7 basics that will aid your survival in the bush.


1. Water Bottle

Out in the bush water comes out of tanks or big bottles. Bring a smaller bottle you can refill on the daily.


2. Torch

In the middle of nowhere it is so dark! Take a torch to light up those trips between the dining hall and tent.


3. Khakis

People rock the Indiana Jones look for a reason – tse tse flies are attracted to colour. Hence, the neutrals and khakis.


4. Camera

You could try to remember all those epic moments, but a camera would help!


5. Mosquito Repellant

We say no to malarone, for reasons we won’t delve into here. Mosquito repellant does the trick.


6. Sunglasses

The Serengeti is a plain. No trees. So it is bright.


7. An open mind

The bush, while it tries, won’t always come with the comforts of home. You may come across flat tyres or a shortage of bread in the morning etc. Have a cry and let it ruin your experience or have a little patience and grow in the moment!



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